The PLASTONA S.A family

  • PLASTONA is a leading manufacturer of plastic items that has been operating successfully for more than 50 years. The Company specializes in flower pots, flower bowls, jardinières, balconieres as well as other garden and veranda furniture
  • To complement its manufacturing facilities, PLASTONA also developed its wholesale import division. This division imports more than 10.000 product types that are supplied to major chain stores, garden centers, wholesalers and retail stores through its cash & carry in Athens.
  • PLASTONA’s manufacturing facilities are export oriented with more than 50% of the company’s productive capacity being distributed to German, British, Israeli, Cypriot and Bulgarian markets.
  • PLASTONA is distinguished worldwide for the excellent quality of its products, its rapid production rates and the unique service to its constantly increasing client base. We are proud to be a dynamic entrepreneurially led Greek business, able to fulfill the needs of our sector on a global level. Our core strategy is to invest in long-term relationships and our vision is to strive towards our developmental potential alongside our strategic partners.
  •  PLASTONA operates private manufacturing and storage facilities of 9,500 square meters  in the industrial zone of Inofita – Viotias. The Company also operates a 4,000 square  meter facility  in the centre of Athens, as its administrative headquarters, showroom, and Cash & Carry.

Foundation Year